Unfiltered interviews with untraditional entrepreneurs
who ignored boundaries and followed their instincts.

The drive behind the Altogether Show is simple: We’re in this all together. We believe people should root for each others’ success instead of tearing each other down. Our goal is to encourage and challenge everyone we encounter to be the best version of themselves. On our show, you’ll hear Eric’s unfiltered interviews with interesting and untraditional entrepreneurs who ignored boundaries and followed their instincts and own paths—and now empower others to do the same.

In season one, our theme is “you do you”—one of our core values at AltoIRA. When “you do you,” you act independently and choose freely, even when it’s not the safest or most popular option. We hope to support and inspire authenticity to see our world become a better place—because we’re in this all together.

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Anthony Scaramucci

Episode 13: Anthony Scaramucci

Life isn’t always black and white, and sometimes the gray is controversial. This week’s guest firmly believes in staying true to himself, living by his grandmother’s maxim: “What other people think of you is none of your business.” In this

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Marcus Whitney

Episode 12: Marcus Whitney

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is difficult, but it’s even more difficult if you’re a college dropout. This week’s guest defines “self-made.” From waiting tables to writing (and re-writing) code to becoming an entrepreneur, he’s also self-taught. In this week’s episode, you’ll hear about Marcus Whitney’s personal roller coaster—and how the ride we call life has made him the person he is today.

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Ken Nguyen

Episode 11: Kendrick Nguyen

There are a lot of unique people in this world, but this week’s guest is truly one of a kind. How does someone major in neuroscience at Berkeley, become a lawyer, and then end up as the CEO and co-founder of a wildly-successful investment platform? In this week’s episode, you’ll hear from Kendrick Nguyen on how he made key choices along his insanely untraditional path.

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