About The Altogether Show

The drive behind the Altogether Show is simple—we’re in this all together. We believe people should root for each others’ success instead of tearing them down. Our goal is to encourage and challenge everyone we encounter to be the best version of themselves. On our show, you’ll hear Eric’s unfiltered interviews with interesting and untraditional entrepreneurs who ignored boundaries, followed their instincts and own paths, and maybe most important, how they’re now empowering others to do the same.

In season one, our theme is “you do you”—one of our core values at AltoIRA. When “you do you,” you act independently and choose freely, even when it’s not the safest or most popular option. We hope to support and inspire authenticity to see our world become a better place—because we’re in this all together.

About Your Host

The Basics


Cleveland, OH

Currently Resides

Nashville, TN

His Friends Call Him

Big Man, E or Satzie

Astrological Sign



Founder and CEO, AltoIRA


How Eric does Eric

Who has been the greatest influence on you?
My wife, Kate.

Was there ever a time when you weren’t doing you?
Yes, in the later part of my investment banking career. I didn’t want to be there.

What’s still on your bucket list?
Heli-skiing in Alaska.

What are some of your regrets?
Too many to count.

What’s something you’d never want to change about yourself?
Following my instincts and interest in meeting people.

If you were to have a last meal, what would it be?
A carnitas burrito, chicken tacos, and chips and salsa from La Taqueria in San Francisco. A hot turkey, bacon, and provolone sub from Hungry Bear and a pepperoni and sausage pizza from Miami’s Best Pizza, both in Miami. Given that it’s my last meal, a death’s door martini, up with blue cheese olives to wash it all down. Then, a couple fingers of Jack to help me say goodnight.

What’s something about you only a few people may know?
There are two things, one is I survived an avalanche. Then the second is, the first time I ever spoke in public, the audience could hear the microphone shaking in my hand better than they could hear me. It’s ridiculous to think that I’m hosting a podcast.