Episode 7: Jonathan McBride

People can thrive professionally in different environments and roles, and this week’s guest has done so. From entrepreneur to White House staffer to his leadership role at BlackRock—the largest asset manager in the world—Jonathan McBride has always followed his instincts.

After graduating from Wharton, he began his career at Goldman Sachs. A few years later, he took the leap to start Jungle Media Group—later selling that company to take on a new role as the chief strategy officer for Universum.

His career in the private sector is moving up and to the right, so why leap to the public sector? You have to believe it’s an opportunity that only knocks once, and for McBride, the chance to work for President Obama was that opportunity.

We talk about his life’s influences, the experiences and lessons that make him the person he is today, and the fact that he’s one of the finest individuals I know.

Favorite moments

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About Jonathan McBride

Prior to joining BlackRock, Mr. McBride served as Director of the Presidential Personnel Office in the White House, a role he was appointed to in July 2013. He joined the administration as a Special Assistant to the President and the Deputy Director of the Presidential Personnel Office in August, 2009. In February, 2012 he was promoted to be a Deputy Assistant to the President. Prior to serving in the White House, Mr. McBride was the Chief Strategy Officer with Universum, a global Employer Branding company, and served as the company’s most senior consultant to companies and agencies looking to attract and recruit top talent. In 2000, Mr. McBride co-founded Jungle Media Group. Jungle’s magazines, websites, and live events served a variety of audiences including MBAs, JDs, college students, African American young professionals, and Hispanic young professionals. The content focused on the career lifestyle and informed its readers about how to best navigate current and future career moves. Mr. McBride also worked for Goldman Sachs from 1997 to 2000 and U.S. Senator Herb Kohl from 1992 to 1995.